Knitted Flowers

Knitted with thin yarn these simple flowers can be used as a decoration on clothing.

Knitted petals in stockinette stitch.

 This flower can be a nice addition to knitted hat or slippers.

Stitching Around

I was just playing with scraps of old tea dyed sheets, magazine paper and threads ...

Small crochet flower

This is a very simple crochet pattern for small five-petalled flower. It is excellent  for dressing up small sewing or crochet projects.

If you don't know how to read crochet charts go to Craft Yarn Council.
To begin flower center make a magic ring, and if you don't know how chek By Number 19 tutorial.

Warm Sock Mittens

Love 2 recycle, so I made warm mittens out of old knee socks.

 You can download PDF pattern  by clicking the arrow on Box frame.


Place mitten body pattern on sock, and cut  only along curvy edge leaving a 5mm seam allowance.
Fold upper part of heel in half, place thumb pattern on fold and cut leaving 5mm seam allowance.

 According to pattern cut a slit for thumb only through upper layer.

Turn mitten body inside out and stitch with needle and thread all the way around the curved edge.

Stitch thumb piece along dashed line, than turn right side out.

Insert thumb piece in mitten slit.

With right sides together  match point A and B on slit with poitn A and B on thumb.

Stitch the thumb to mitten slit.

Turn mitten right side out. You are ready for cold weather.

Splash bag free patern and tutorial

Splashy is one of my favorite everyday bag because it's lightweight and hangs beautifully off the shoulder. It has  fully lined spacious interior and closes with a zipper; measures about 54cm W x 36cm H, with 42cm long handle (without metal rings). Metal hardware details makes this bag look stylish and trendy.

You can download PDF pattern HERE.
 If you want to print it at a copy shop download pattern HERE.

Download  HERE  illustrated step-by-step CUTTING instruction and SEWING tutorial in PDF. It includes instruction on how to install a zipper in a bag.

Here's a list of materials you need to gather to make  this bag:

For this bag I used Prym grommets/eyelets kit and simple upholstery metal O-rings. You can find eyelets and metal rings online at U-Handbag. Nice tutorial on how to set eyelets  is HERE.

Flower embellishment

My daughter wanted to cover small stain on t-shirt with something girly.

Sweet little flower is made of silk flower petals, crochet flower and adorned with beads.

Kitschy vase

There's a thousands of ways to transform a tin can into something fabulous. My kitschy vase is made of tin can which is decorated with beads from broken necklaces and braclests. Instead of beads you can use small buttons, broken shells and small rocks, colored Epsom salt, dried herbs...

Remove paper label from can and wash it thoroughly. Apply a thick coat of craft glue (Mod Podge or PVA glue)  to the surface of can. Sprinkle beads over the wet glue and allow to dry. You can fill smaller gaps and decorate edge of can with glitter glue.