Warm Sock Mittens

Love 2 recycle, so I made warm mittens out of old knee socks.

 You can download PDF pattern  by clicking the arrow on Box frame.


Place mitten body pattern on sock, and cut  only along curvy edge leaving a 5mm seam allowance.
Fold upper part of heel in half, place thumb pattern on fold and cut leaving 5mm seam allowance.

 According to pattern cut a slit for thumb only through upper layer.

Turn mitten body inside out and stitch with needle and thread all the way around the curved edge.

Stitch thumb piece along dashed line, than turn right side out.

Insert thumb piece in mitten slit.

With right sides together  match point A and B on slit with poitn A and B on thumb.

Stitch the thumb to mitten slit.

Turn mitten right side out. You are ready for cold weather.


Anna Maria said...

thats well good ! x

Alba Linea said...

wow! your such a creative cuty! thank you soooo much for all the patterns! love your blog very much and so i want to jump on your followerlist! have a creative day! cant wait to see more. di

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